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Forward-thinking collaborations delivering concrete outcomes

Drawing on examples of successful cross-sector collaborations, strategic communicators in public health can convincingly answer the “but how?” question that lingers in prospective partners’ minds. Use these stories (or your own) to help explain that collaboration with public health is not only practical and possible, but it works!

Revitalizing Communities for a Healthy, Equitable Chicago

The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH), in partnership with the Mayor’s Office, launched Healthy Chicago 2.0, a collaborative action plan that built on input from hundreds of stakeholders, to improve the health of all city residents

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Supporting Safe and Affordable Housing in Alameda County, CA

The Alameda County Public Health Department in California recognizes the links between health and safe and affordable housing, and offers data and policy expertise to inform community advocates and public officials.

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Creating Healthy, Vibrant Main Streets in North Dakota

The Main Street Initiative in North Dakota brings together state and local representatives across sectors, including health departments, to grow communities primed for economic growth.

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Prioritizing Health Equity in Mississippi Communities

Mississippi Roadmap to Health Equity relies on local residents to identify community health priorities and forges partnerships with the health department, educators, and other sectors to reduce health disparities in the state.

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Making the Business Case for Tobacco 21 in Kansas City, MO

The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City, helped pave the way for new laws across the region restricting tobacco sales to youth under 21.The county health department supported the business case for the initiative with data analytics and connections to stakeholders.

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Improving Outcomes for Children in Vancouver, WA

The Clark County Public Health Department serves as a convener, an advocate and a data expert to strengthen partnerships in Vancouver, Wash., including with the Vancouver Public School District.

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Taking Action for Healthy Public Housing in Boston, MA

The Boston Public Health Commission, the Boston Housing Authority, and Boston Medical Center are working together to identify and address some of the health challenges faced by residents of Boston’s public housing.

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PHRASES Frame of Mind

When you help people understand what you do, you’ll be more successful in attracting support for your work, forming partnerships and building credibility in your community. That’s where stories come in, whether you’re talking to community leaders, business executives, elected officials, or the media. — Soledad O’Brien
Journalist, CEO of Starfish Media Group,
and PHRASES Advisory Committee Co-chair

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