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Sample Strategic Plan: Healthy Chicago 2.0: Partnering to Improve Health Equity 2016-2020

The Chicago Department of Public Health convened over 1,000 stakeholders to develop Healthy Chicago 2.0, a collaborative, cross-sector plan that builds on 200 specific actionable and measurable strategies to build strong communities and provide all residents with equitable opportunities to maximize their health and wellbeing. The strategic plan includes ten action areas divided among six chapters and is a great example of how public health can use its skills to bring unlikely partners together to tackle multi-sector issues. This is an example of an in-depth, comprehensive strategic plan.


Chicago Department of Public Health, PHRASES


Strategic Housing Code Enforcement and Public Health

“Housing code enforcement—the local government process of administering and enforcing housing codes designed to ensure safe and habitable housing conditions—is one of the primary strategies for connecting and improving our housing and our health. In this report, we examine how housing code enforcement in Memphis, Tennessee, could prioritize public health as a key outcome and better coordinate with public health agencies, community health nonprofits, and other health care institutions. We explore these potential health impacts in Memphis as a model that other communities can apply and adapt.”


Urban Institute



CityHealth, an initiative of the de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, believes “policy is one of our most powerful tools to improve people’s lives and make cities thrive.” They aim to advance “a package of evidence-based policy solutions that will help millions of people live longer, better lives in vibrant, prosperous communities.”


de Beaumont Foundation and Kaiser Permanente

Affordable Housing & Health: City Roles and Strategies for Progress

“Cities nationwide are experiencing housing-related challenges, with a growing share of the population unable to afford to rent or own a home. Residents struggle to afford not just a place to live, but a stable home that supports their health and well-being. This paper explores the factors that contribute to affordable housing and health, including examples of successful strategies used by cities to generate and preserve healthy and affordable housing.”


National League of Cities


Advancing Education and Health through the Community Schools Strategy

This report summarizes the lessons learned from the Mayors’ Institute on Advancing Education and Health through a Community Schools Strategy in May 2017 hosted by the National League of Cities’ (NLC) Institute for Youth, Education, and Families (YEF Institute). The YEF Institute is committed to supporting “mayors and city leaders in developing effective strategies to ensure that all children and families develop the skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century workforce.”


National League of Cities