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The Health & Housing Starter Kit: A Guide for Public Health Departments, Housing Authorities, and Hospitals Working at the Intersection of Health and Housing

“The Health & Housing Starter Kit is designed to help local institutions take their first steps toward creating bold and innovative health and housing initiatives. The Building Blocks cover a range of issues that local institutions will likely wade through as they start their efforts, and are drawn from themes we pulled from nearly 2 years of field research and interviews with staff at each of our case study sites. These include leadership, financing, how to develop an orientation toward health equity, forming partnerships with communities and other institutions, scaling your work to address population outcomes, developing indicators to understand and evaluate your efforts, and crafting messages to build support.”


ChangeLab Solutions


Funding the Fundamentals: A Primer on Early Care and Education Funding for Public Health Practitioners

“The goal of this report is to help public health advocates and educators gain a high-level understanding of the early care and education (ECE) financing landscape and the pressures faced by providers and regulators. We specifically highlight healthy eating and physical activity (HEPA) standards linked to federal funding programs; the obesity prevention and childhood nutrition communities may find this information particularly useful.”


ChangeLab Solutions; National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity


Emerging Strategies for Integrating Health and Housing: Innovations to Sustain, Expand, and Replicate

“For decades, housing professionals, public health officials, and city leaders have recognized the link between people’s homes and their health and well-being. This study examines emerging interventions that integrate housing and health services for low-income people, with a focus on interventions where health care organizations have taken a significant leadership role. Our research pairs over 30 expert interviews with six in-depth case studies to paint a detailed picture of emerging strategies and their potential to be sustained, expanded, and replicated elsewhere. They are all rooted in an idea that is gaining traction among health care leaders across the country: investing in housing is investing in health.”


Urban Institute


Advancing Education and Health through the Community Schools Strategy

This report summarizes the lessons learned from the Mayors’ Institute on Advancing Education and Health through a Community Schools Strategy in May 2017 hosted by the National League of Cities’ (NLC) Institute for Youth, Education, and Families (YEF Institute). The YEF Institute is committed to supporting “mayors and city leaders in developing effective strategies to ensure that all children and families develop the skills needed to thrive in the 21st Century workforce.”


National League of Cities