Framing COVID-19

In this uniquely challenging moment, we need to connect people to the bigger picture. We need ways to explain health, enhance community, and offer hope.

FrameWorks pulled guidance from twenty years of framing research and practice to help advocates and experts be heard and understood in a time of global crisis. Here, we’ve shared a few ideas that can help us all amplify the values of justiceinclusion, and interdependence. 

  1. Deploying a common good frame
  2. Making a powerful case for the role of government
  3. Widening the circle of “we”
  4. The power of how during the pandemic
  5. Nonprofits are essential- especially now
  6. Talking about what comes next
  7. Talking about the importance of prevention
  8. Keeping democratic ideals alive during the pandemic
  9. Talking about what young people need during the pandemic
  10. Talking about climate action in the era of COVID-19
  11. Framing the post-pandemic economy
  12. How to foster solidarity while others fuel division
  13. Framing for as long as it takes


This post was originally on the FrameWorks Institute website. To see the original source click here.